The name CUSTOM Sailing says it all. Valerie made our trip feel like we planned it ourselves. They were always in touch with what we wanted to do, how we were feeling and our comfort level for the conditions that we encountered. It felt like we were on a vacation with good friends, not us as the customer and they the crew. We all had great fun getting to know each other. Sharing a relaxed breakfast at whatever hour we woke, to a wonderful dinner escorted and entertained by them. At the same time we felt relaxed to make our own schedule. It was a great vacation, very relaxing and comfortable, definitely a must do journey.”
John, Las Vegas, Nevada
Capt Valerie Weingrad did everything possible to make our trip an experience we would remember for a lifetime – from sharing her treasured favorite places on earth with us; the hidden jewel seaside towns and local fish taverns to scrumptious local baked goods. We were mesmerized by the exquisite sunsets and quiet morning sails along side dolphins. Valerie is an exceptional and experienced captain and she knows the locals, is knowledgeable about the islands and best spots and we especially loved that she genuinely enjoys sharing her favorite things with us. She was a delight to be with!!”
Cynthia, Atlanta Georgia
My Custom Sailing Ltd. voyage around the Cyclades Islands in Greece was a dream come true. I knew from the moment I boarded the Maya that our trip was going to be memorable. The crew (Captain Valarie and First Mate Celia) did everything in their power to make us comfortable, including numerous trips to various island markets for more white wine. Every moment of our trip was unforgettable, from down-time lying in the sun on deck to evening adventures on the islands. From day one I never felt as though I was on a “traditional cruise.” Captain Valarie’s numerous connections and keen knowledge of the islands gave us a taste of real life on islands like Kythnos and Syros. Aside from having a tremendous time with great friends, I think our experience was so wonderful because of the service Valarie and Celia provided us. Not only did I leave with vacation memories to last a lifetime, I left with two new girlfriends! I can’t wait to explore more with Custom Sailing Ltd. in the near future.”
Shelby, Columbus, Ohio
All I can say is that my trip to the Greek Islands with Custom Sailing was one of the BEST weeks of my life. Everything was great! The friends, the food, the scenery, the crew. How could you improve? Take a longer trip! It was fabulous.”
Nancy, Columbus, Ohio
I had the best vacation I have EVER had when I sailed with Captain Valerie to the Greek Islands. Custom Sailing did a fabulous job of making sure that this was a experience that was both fun and memorable! I LOVED the Greek Islands and the extensive knowledge that Valerie had of the local customs was priceless. We saw things and went to places that most people would not have known about. It is well worth the price and you can even learn to sail if you want. I highly recommend booking a trip with Custom Sailing soon.”
Jennifer, Atlanta, Georgia
Valerie, you were just wonderful and I had so much fun shopping in St. Thomas with you. Not only that, you have inspired me with your cooking. I am still looking for the crab cakes. Again, it was wonderful, we definitely had a great time… lots of sailing time, and that means alot to all of us. You were great!”
Mary, Tampa, Florida
As another sailing yacht captain I know what it takes to put together a sailing charter, and then lead one through the great times and the inevitable bad weather. Valerie is truly a one-of-a-kind captain – passionate, exceptionally knowledgeable, personable, fun loving, commanding during crisis yet laid back during the easy times. Her love for the sea and for sailing is obvious. Her knowledge of Greek Islands is impressive. She’s delightful to be around and always ready to lend a hand to those in need. I would sail again with Valerie any time – as a customer, crew member, co-worker… or even as her bilge cleanARRR!”
John, Atlanta, Georgia
I was somewhat apprehensive as this was my first sailing experience. But after the first day I realized that the people at Custom Sailing knew how to vacation on a sail boat. They took care of everything for us and it was one of the best vacations of our lives. When the sails filled with wind and we were cutting through the water, it felt like nothing else on this earth. And what a feeling when Captain Val invited me to take a turn at the helm. Priceless. Sailing with “Custom Sailing” was a truly peaceful and magnificent time. Valerie and the rest of the crew were always checking to see if we needed anything and they always made sure that we were enjoying ourselves. We did. I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Val.”
Michele, Park City, Utah

Sailing around the smaller Greek islands with our Custom Sailing team, where we could take a quick dip, snorkel to our heart’s content, or swim to shore for a visit with the locals, was an incredible experience. Our crew invited us along to some incredible restaurants and our on-board lunches were fabulous!”
Susan, Boulder, Colorado

I have sailed with Captain Valerie in the Caribbean as well as the Greek Islands. What a wonderful experience!!!!! She knows all the locals everywhere I have traveled with her and they role out the red carpet for her and her guest. If you are looking for the time of your life, I highly recommend her. What a great time you will have… you will live high adventure to tell your grand children!!!!!!!!”
Luann, Atlanta, Georgia
Valerie, You certainly run a top notch operation. It could not have been a more enjoyable trip. I want to especially thank you for the extra time and effort (oh yea, and patience) you spent to help me learn more about sailing. I also appreciate your words of encouragement. I look forward to planning some trips in the future with Custom Sailing.”
Charles, Atlanta, Georgia
We really don’t have words to tell you how very much we enjoyed our trip. Your arrangements for dinner and your orchestration of activities and recommendations for places to go was marvelous… and fun to boot… it all made for a top notch experience… you’d have to be dead not to enjoy sailing with you both!”
Cathie & Gerry, Millsboro, Delaware
We do not know where to begin to say thank you for the most incredible trip ever! This sailing trip through the Greek Islands surpassed even our wildest dreams in terms of relaxation, beauty, food and the company that we were in. From the initial planning phases with you guys to deciding where to anchor for lunch, you were all so accommodating and helpful. We cannot express properly how much fun we had together as a couple. We had three kids at the time and a crazy paced lifestyle in Atlanta and that all came to a halt once meeting with George our captain in the marina in Athens. George was a scholar and a gentleman as well as a true friend throughout the entire trip. He indeed went the extra mile in every instance. We quickly learned that island time is essential and very addictive. As of 3-17-05 we experienced the wonderful birth of child # 4. She is really special because she is the direct result of our 10 year anniversary trip to the Greek Islands. Island time definitely got us in a relaxed mood. Again, we sincerely appreciate the professionalism as well as the custom nature that Custom Sailing stands for. We are going to make sailing with Custom Sailing an annual event and I would recommend you guys highly to anyone.”
Clay & Jennifer, Cumming, Georgia

Kithnos- Aegina: 65km, Sounio- Kithnos 8 beaufore, wonderful sailing, expert sail trimming, and of course the “local knowledge”. What more to ask for?? Some of Yorgos’ fantastic white wine!”
Jean Christophe & Yota, London, UK

What a great week… great food, drink and crew!!!”
Randee & Bill, Atlanta, Georgia
Best travel experience I’ve ever had!!!! I travel to the Caribbean several times year, and have never had so much fun, and opportunity to visit the local establishments and sites, as I did with the Custom Sailing. Our trip to the BVI was terrific. Our Captain, Valerie Weingrad, was knowledgeable of the islands, and did a wonderful job of getting us to all of the sites (she’s also a great cook)! I go out of my way to stay off the large cruise ships, but this I would do again and again.”
Judi, Atlanta, Georgia
I went two years running with Captain Val & Custom Sailing and had a BLAST (well, two blasts, actually…) First year was to the West of Greece (The Saronic Islands)… Year 2 was the Cyclades. It is a wonderful way to relax, get to know a small group of people really well, and to… really experience the ‘Freedom of the sea’… without all the hassle! I will do it again as soon as possible…”
Des, Duluth, Georgia
If I can only do one big sailing trip I year, it’s gotta be with Capt. Val of Custom Sailing Ltd!! Having sailed with her twice out of Antigua and also from St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands, I can honestly say, these trips have been, all at one time- the most fun, relaxing, exciting sailing vacations imaginable. Whether you want to learn, be part of the crew or just hang out as deck candy, it’s all up to you. It’s awesome to watch Capt. Val do her precision stern-to docking as the dock hands call out, “Here comes the best captain in the islands!”
You never know what to expect when you sign up for a trip to a place you have never been and with people you have never met before. But I can tell you from experience it is a wonderful way to meet great new friends and see incredible , breathtaking views! My trip with custom sailing this past October to the Greek islands was a trip of a lifetime! Our captain Valerie and first mate were very professional and safety conscious and at the same time warm and friendly hosts. Our boat was quite comfortable and top of the line. We enjoyed sunny and windy days cruising the Aegean sea. We enjoyed all the wonderful treats Greece had to offer, the food, the people and the scenery! If you have the chance, don’t miss this one!!!”
Kathy, Boston, Massachusetts
Go ahead – you KNOW you want to do this sailing thing. Sign up with Capt. Val, the most fun, competent, confident captain around.”
Michael M Beaufort, SC
Valerie’s trips incorporate a nice combination of overnights at popular harbors, along with anchoring out away from it all and everything in-between. Want to go conching and have homemade, or shall I say vessel-made, conch salad for dinner? How about fishing? Valerie’s known to occasionally put out a line as we sail and feed her crew the freshest catch of the day! I won’t even mention her diving and spearing abilities!!”
I enjoyed sailing with Custom Sailing immensely. Not only did we have an great time sailing the boat itself, but each day’s sailing took us to an interesting new location, where our host, George, introduced us to the Greek way of eating, and drinking… not just a meal, but an experience to savor. The boat was modern and quite roomy… well thought out and engineered to maximize the use of space. The whole experience gave us the best of both worlds… the opportunity to experience serious sailing, but offered a safe, relaxed and friendly environment in which to do it. We are going again next year!”

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