The following is general information to answer questions you may have about your Custom Sailing Worldwide vacation. If we do not address your concerns here please contact us directly with your questions. You can never ask too many questions!

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: There is not an age limit, our guests have ranged from 5 to 80. One important point that we do need to make is that one must be physically agile and have a good sense of balance. You need to be comfortable moving around the boat, in and out of inflatable dinghies and walking across the passarella or gang plank.

Q: Can we bring the kids?

A: If you are chartering the boat for your family or group you can certainly bring the kids. One of our “best” sailors was a 10 year old, mastering the helm in 30knots of wind! We would not recommend children younger than 5 for this type of holiday. They will be the parents responsibility at all times. Ultimately parents know their children, if they are well behaved and listen well, then by all means they will have an unforgettable time. We can customize the itinerary and activities to accommodate kids from 5 to 65.

Q: I’ve never sailed before.

A: Many of our guests have never sailed before, while others are old salts. Think of our yacht as a means of transportation from one island to the next. Our captains guide you along, showing you things you would never see on a cruise ship or by ferry. One of our former guests called it “High end camping on the water,” but with all the amenities such as hot water, cold drinks, showers, and an ocean view every night! It’s not for everyone, but if you’re reading this it’s probably for you! One guest wrote in our log book “In life there are 10 top things and this was certainly one of them!”

Q: How much sailing experience do I need? Can I learn to sail on my trip?

A: No experience required! We do have a professional captain and or crew on board that can handle the yacht. You are welcome to sit back, relax, soak up the sun and watch the islands go by, but if you like you are more than welcome to participate in the sailing. As a matter of fact we encourage it! Take the helm, help out with the lines, raise sails, feel the power of the wind and the waves. Our captains are more than happy to “show you the ropes.” Really want to learn? Then think about signing up for one of our ASA sailing class and earn a sailing certification while on vacation.

Q: What about seasickness?

A: If you are prone to mal de mer there are some very good over the counter and homeopathic remedies you can take. If you know you have a problem you may want to talk to your doctor about prescribing “the patch” for you. Most of our guests have had very good success with these options. We will also keep an eye out on the weather and if need be change the itinerary and schedule to assure the safety and comfort of our guests. Take simple precautions and enjoy your vacation on the high seas!

Q: Travelers Checks, ATM's and Banks... oh my!

A: In the Caribbean cash is king, although many of the more established restaurants and shops accept credit cards and you will find ATM’s, just watch out for the fees.

Greece is in the Euro zone. Cash again is preferable on the smaller islands although you may find the occasional taverna that advertises acceptance of credit cards, but when you go to use them the system is down. Traveler’s checks can be cashed at banks on the larger islands and in Athens. It’s good to bring a mix of cash, credit and ATM cards with and you should be fine. Most places will not accept any currency other than Euros.

Q: What other costs should I expect?

A: Our inclusive trips basically cover everything on the boat. Dinners and anything ashore are extra. You can rent scooters (about 10 Euro/day), do some of the guided tours, go horseback riding, try a wine tour, scuba diving, ride a donkey and more. All these activities are very reasonably priced and your captain can recommend options and even negotiate your deal for you.

The following is general information to answer questions you may have about your Custom Sailing Worldwide, Inc. vacation. If we do not address your concerns here please contact us directly with your questions. You can never ask too many questions!


Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars are based on tariffs in effect at time of writing and are subject to change in the event of currency fluctuations or increase in costs. Special offer rates are per person double occupancy. Single occupancy rates are available on request.


Pack light! Bring collapsible soft-sided luggage that will stow easily. Most boats are limited in available storage area and you and your crew will be happier if you follow our recommendations. You’ re in the islands and the atmosphere is casual. Bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts, sundresses and comfortable, cool clothing will work best. Most restaurants are casual; however fine dining in some locations will require appropriate attire.


Passport and Visa requirements will vary depending upon the country you are visiting and your nationality. Therefore all guests should carry valid passports. If visas are required, it is the responsibility of the charterer to obtain all necessary visas in advance of the charter departure date.


Custom Sailing Worldwide, Inc. strongly recommends you purchase insurance for trip cancellation, accident, sickness, and/or loss of baggage and personal effects. The yacht is insured by the owner during the charter, it is recommended that you purchase additional liability coverage to protect you and your guests from any injury, accident or illness. Damage to the yacht beyond normal wear and tear is the responsibility of the charterer. Please click on InsureMyTrip for more information on trip cancellation insurance, medical emergency insurance, etc. Please note, you must book your travel insurance within 10 days of booking your vacation for full coverage.


Did you have a fun trip? Gratuity is customary in consideration of service and hospitality provided by your captain and crew. The gratuity normally ranges from 10% to 20% of the charter fee and is given to the captain for distribution among the crew.


Your deposit of 50% of the charter fee is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due 90 days prior to the departure date of your charter. If an advanced provisioning allowance (APA) is required for your estimated expenses it is also due with the final payment, your Custom Sailing Worldwide, Inc. representative will inform you of an APA if appropriate.


We recommend trip cancellation insurance. Cancellations received 180 days or more are subject to an administrative fee of $500 per person. Cancellations received between 180 days and 60 days are not refundable unless the identical space on the yacht can rebooked and are subject to the $500 per person fee. Cancellations inside of 60 days are non refundable.