Sailing the Lee side of SVG

Day 1: Our guests arrive. Rejoining us are some sailors who sailed in Greece this past September. I told them tales of the famed Christmas winds in the Grenadines and of the Mustique Blues Fest, we are looking forward to a fun week of great wind, music and sailing!

Petit Byahat Ahead!

We decide to check out the lee side of St. Vincent. It’s a pretty windy day and this short sail will be fairly calm and give everyone a chance to get their sea legs. We have our valet escort out of Blue Lagoon and start up the coast with the wind behind us. I’m at the helm and Chris, Melissa and Michael are all over it, raising the main, trimming the jib. With this experienced crew I will be “on vacation” for the week! Our destination is a short 6 sea miles to Petit Byahaut. This small and delightful “Gilligan’s Island” bay is only approachable by sea. In the past there was a resort here, but now it seems mostly deserted. Everyone is in awe of the beauty and can’t believe we are the only ones here. We drop the first anchor and then Chris and I row out to set a second stern anchor, we accomplish this without poking a hole in the dinghy! Once back at the boat we all go for a swim and snorkel. There are coral, sponges, seafans, large schools of fish. I even saw an eel and some soles by the anchor chain. Around the corner is a bat cave, but we choose not to go in. Once back on the yacht we have a visit from two guys in a small boat. They are selling fish and anything else we might need, we end up buying a tuna, it was absolutely amazing! We cooked it on the grill that night and served it with rice cooked in coconut milk and a green salad and lots of wine. Great first day! Tomorrow is a long sail to Canoaun… great stuff happens here!

Fresh Tuna Right Off the Boat, or Rather Still on the Boat!