St. Vincent & The Grenadines

It’s great to back in the Grenadines! Just arrived in St. Vincent and took a taxi to Blue Lagoon where I boarded our 45′ yacht which was to be my home for the next few weeks. It’s late and the wind is howling and the boat bouncing, but I was able to get on board with out any of my bags going into the drink. It’s going to be a good night!

As the sun rises I look out of my hatch and see the blue water, waves crashing on the reef, palm, papaya and mango trees line the shore. I love this place. I have time to provision before my first guests arrive. I call for Kashaun the taxi driver and he takes me into Kingstown for provisioning. What should take 30 minutes takes almost 2 hours, the streets are blocked for a concert later that day which will raise money for Haiti. Island traffic, think one lane, makes Atlanta traffic seem mild! Kashaun runs us through the back streets and gets us to the market. On every other street corner there are guys with carts of yellow coconuts. They sell the coconut water- a refreshing drink straight from the coconut. I watch as the vendor holds the coconut in his left hand and large machete in his right hand without even really paying attention he whacks off the top of the coconut. (Don’t try this at home!) He puts a straw in the perfect round hole and hands it to me, I take a sip. Yes, back in the Caribbean! There is a group of school girls in line waiting for their drink.

Back to the yacht and the afternoon is free to visit the fish market where I got fresh red snapper right off the boat. Since I recently took up fishing I buy some fishing gear to try my hand at catching my own. And meet some old friends for happy hour! Tomorrow morning the guests arrive and we are off!